Desktop Publishing

Cynthia Van Hee and Nina Bauwelinck
Target group
Postgraduate CALM & EM-TTI

About Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is the formatting of documents with graphical layout sofware such as Adobe InDesign. During layout, different kinds of content (text, images, design) are combined into a single document that is suitable for print or digital publication. DTP software allows the creation of graphically more complex documents than is possible with traditional word processors. DTP skills are also relevant for language professionals who need to produce copy or translations directly in the target format, in order to enhance the typographic quality of the document and to limit the production time.

The course deals with the following topics:

  • What is DTP? In which stage of the print process does DTP occur?
  • Creating, editing and exporting documents for print
  • Color spaces
  • Design principles
  • Working with text
  • Working with images, grids and tables
  • Automatic layout with styles and GREP
  • Typography
  • Master pages and tables of content