Language and Translation Technology Team

Founded in 2006, LT³ is a research group at Ghent University's Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication which conducts fundamental and applied research on different aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP) from a corpus-based inductive perspective.

The team has extensive expertise in the use of machine learning for a wide range of language technology problems. Throughout the years the team has heavily invested in discourse modelling, the creation of various resources and the integration of this knowledge in end-user applications.

LT³ is currently very active in the following areas:

  • Language technology: text normalisation, coreference resolution, cross-lingual transfer models, detection of events, sentiment, irony, arguments and emotion in (financial) news data and social media
  • Translation technology: machine translation, post-editing, human-computer interaction, translation quality, translation difficulty assessment and gender-inclusive translation
  • Terminology: automatic (multilingual) terminology extraction and terminology management
  • Language and translation technology for educational applications: automatic writing evaluation and readability assessment, vocabulary and example selection for second language acquisition, machine translation for language learning.
  • Digital Humanities: digital text analysis tools for research in the humanities and social sciences

The team teaches several modules at bachelor and master level. Both the CALM (Computer-Assisted Language Mediation) postgraduate and the European Masters in Technology for Translation and Interpreting are founded on the established expertise in language and translation technology within the research group.