Els Lefever
Target group
Master in Applied Linguistics; Postgraduate CALM & EM-TTI

About Localisation

In the translation industry, the term localisation refers to the adaptation and translation of software, games and websites. Recently, e-learning has been added to this list. The process involves more than just translating, and also comprises tasks such as adjusting layout, graphics, help programs, time indications, etc. Specialized localization tools such as Passolo and Alchemy Catalyst support the localization process. 

The course deals with the following topics:

  • Introduction to the main concepts of localisation
  • Technical aspects of localisation (a.o. internationalisation, encoding, support of different formats)
  • Cultural aspects of localisation
  • Localisation of software programs and online help files
  • Localisation of websites
  • Localisation of games
  • Localisation of e-learning