Introduction to Processing Language with Python

Bram Vanroy and Loic De Langhe
Target group
Postgraduate CALM

About Introduction to Processing Language with Python

This course offers an introduction to programming with Python. It does not require prior knowledge about programming. The focus of the course is on automatic text processing. Programming skills have a number of benefits: - An understanding of the functioning and possibilities of computer programs is becoming ever more important in a society where technology is omnipresent - Programming trains analytical thinking and problem-solving skills - Repetitive or data-intensive tasks can be automated with simple programs.

The course deals with the following topics:

  • Basic concepts of programming: variables, operators, assignment, data types
  • Control structures: conditions, loops, recursion
  • Using and writing functions
  • Working with files and directories
  • Using external libraries, especially those developed for text analysis
  • Anatomy of a computer program
  • Calling scripts in a command line environment
  • Documentation and error handling