Posted on June 27, 2022

From June 20 till June 25 the 13th edition of the LREC conference took place in Marseille. 

Various colleagues from LT3 were there to present new work:

  • On Monday there were LT3 presentations at two designated workshops:
    • Ayla presented her demo D-Terminer at the Term21 workshop (paper).
    • Sofie presenter a poster at the NLPerspectives workshop. For this work she experimented with using a Wizard of Oz technique to collect a corpus of written human-computer conversations in the domain of customer service (paper).
  • From Tuesday till Thursday three presentations were given at the main conference:
    • Joke presented the GECO-MT corpus, a novel resource of eye movement data, collected during natural reading of a human translation and a machine translation of a full novel (paper).
    • Luna presented work on aspect-based emotion analysis (ABEA) and multimodal coreference based on a newly collected dataset (4,900 comments on 175 images) which was annotated with both aspect and emotion labels (paper).
    • Yet another resource was presented by Bram, LeContra, which is a learner corpus consisting of English-to-Dutch news translations enriched with translation process data (paper).
  • Friday and Saturday, the two-day SIGUL workshop took place at which Pranay presented his work on cross-lingual transfer using the anchor-based approach for English and Hindi (paper). At the same workshop A. Seza presented joint work on Language Technologies for Low Resource Languages: Sociolinguistic and Multilingual Insights (paper).