Advanced Website Management

Ayla Rigouts Terryn and Michael Lumingu
Target group
Postgraduate CALM

About Advanced Website Management

The course covers the whole process of building and maintaining a professional website driven by a content management system (CMS). Though the main focus is on the more technical aspects of how such a website is built and maintained, the students are also introduced to the basic principles of web design and the functioning of web teams. Basically, this course comprises four modules:

  1. Basic module: how does the internet work (servers, clients, proxies, protocols, DNS, …), how does a web team work (developers, frontend, backend, …), the conceptual part of creating a website (define target audience, writing for the web, …).
  2. HTML/CSS module: learn the principles of (x)html and css to design, develop and maintain a website.
  3. Database/CMS module: learn the basic principles of databases, and how to build and maintain a website using a CMS (e.g. Drupal or Wordpress). 
  4. Use cases: the student gets a hands-on introduction to real life problems and successes a web team might encounter