PLATOS Pilot study

Nina Bauwelinck and Els Lefever
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About PLATOS Pilot study

Annotation guidelines and labeled corpus for the pilot study:

Bauwelinck, Nina and Lefever, Els (2020) Annotating Topics, Stance, Argumentativeness and Claims in DutchSocial Media Comments: A Pilot Study", Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Argumentation Mining (COLING 2020).

Newly adjusted guidelines based on the findings from this pilot study can be found in the technical report. Please refer to these when using the guidelines. The technical report will be expanded with the following tasks (premise and argumentative relation annotation) in a later stage of the PLATOS project.

Original guidelines used in the pilot study can also be found here. Please read the readme file, which contains a summary of the contents of the corpus. 

You can contact for any questions about this corpus or the guidelines.